5 Benefits of solid wood flooring

  • Solid wood is durable
    1. Durability

    Solid hardwood floors are well-known to be the most durable and long-lasting flooring options available. These floors are ideal to withstand children’s toys and pets with claws. One key benefit of hardwood floors is the ability to sand down and refinish scratches and dents over and over again. Hardwood floors will easily last over 4 decades before needing to be replaced.

  • Solid wood is cost efficient
    2. Cost-efficient

    Solid wood flooring can take a beating since they are generally 5/16-3/4” thick. These thick board can withstand many years of usage, saving you money in the long-run. Solid wood flooring only need to be refinished every 7-10 years. There will be no need to pay extra money to get a brand new floor for your home.

  • Solid wood is Natural
    3. Natural Beauty

    Natural color and beauty never goes out of style when choosing solid wood flooring. The natural grain and color matches with many household items, and you can choose from different wood varieties that fit your personality and style. Its elegant look offers a warm, spacious look when installed.

  • Solid wood Hypo-allergenic
    4. Hypo-allergenic

    Solid wood flooring does not harbor allergens, dirt, and dust like carpets. This type of flooring can be easily cleaned with a quick sweep and mop. If an individual board is damaged, they can be easily repaired without replacing the rest of the floor. Adequate maintenance with a cleaner and dust mop will keep your floor shining bright for decades. Solid wood is the best choice of floors for allergy sufferers.

  • Solid wood Adds Value
    5. Adds Value

    Many improvement homebuyers have listed Solid Wood Floor as a “must have” when buying a new home or when repairing a home. The value of your house will increase up to 5% with solid wood flooring.

Have a question? CONTACT US

Have a question? CONTACT US

Prefinished Solid Wood Flooring Installation & Refinishing in Waukesha, Milwaukee & Southeast WI

The prefinished hardwood process adds durability to your hardwood flooring and dramatically speeds up installation. Prefinished hardwood arrives at your home or business fully stained and finished. At the factory, they use a higher quality finish and powerful chemical sealers to greatly increase the lifespan of your floor. This commercial application process is unavailable to onsite refinishers due to the potentially harmful chemicals. Prefinished hardwood allows you to get the most out of your wood floors, plus, you get to skip the entire finishing process at your home. This means no potent, lingering staining smells, and far fewer interruptions at your property. It makes our job easier and your life simpler.

What you get with prefinished hardwood floors is a more durable floor with a better finish. We’ll deliver it to your home or business, simply install it where you want it to go, and be out of your hair in no time. If your floor is ever in need of maintenance or refinishing, Flawless Flooring is eager to help.

See which neighbors have a flawless floor by exploring our completed projects mapFor more information on prefinished hardwood or consultation on your flooring project, contact our sales team today.


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What is prefinished hardwood flooring?

“Prefinished” hardwood floors mean the flooring is ready to be installed once you receive it. Ordering prefinished hardwood floor means you will be able to quickly install and use the floor straightaway

Can a prefinished hardwood floor be refinished?

Prefinished hardwood floor can be refinished, but the results after doing so may not be the same as when you first installed your flooring. The stain color will not be the same and the surface texture will variate as well.

How should I clean prefinished hardwood floors?

Prefinished hardwood flooring is easily maintained with regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Make sure you are cleaning every corner and edge of the flooring with brooms that have soft bristles to avoid scratching your floor.


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