How do I protect my floors from outside dirt?

Use dirt-trapping, walk-off mats at all exterior doors to prevent dirt, grit and sand from getting inside on your floors.

What can be used to prevent scuffing the floor when moving furniture?

Place small felt pads on the legs of all your furniture. Check and replace the pads occasionally as needed.

Can hardwood floors be vacuumed?

Hardwood floors should be vacuumed just as regularly as you vacuum carpets. We recommend a brush or felt attachment.

Should I wax my hardwood floors?

Do not wax your finish or use Murphy's Oil Soap on the floors. Wax and oil type cleaners will build-up on the floor.

Will high heel shoes damage my hardwood floor?

High heel shoes that have worn down or lost protective caps exposing the steel support rod in the heel will dent any floor surface. Keep high heels in good condition to protect your floors.

How do I maintain my hardwood floors?

Damp wipe or mop your floors regularly. If your floors need professional attention, consider a buff and re-coat or refinishing.

What types of flooring does Flawless Flooring install?

Our experienced, highly-skilled employees install engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile, cork and porcelain tile floors.

Will Flawless Flooring remove my old, existing flooring?

It depends. Flawless Flooring can definitely remove old flooring upon request. Many customers prefer to have new LVP floors installed directly over the old hardwood to increase the property value. 

Which flooring options are durable and low-maintenance?

Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are great choices for low-hassle durability. It's important to have these materials properly installed to get the best appearance, maximum lifespan and full warranty protection.

Can Flawless Flooring save my existing hardwood floors?

Yes, Flawless Flooring refinishes wood floors that are in pretty rough shape. We deliver amazing results by sanding, staining and refinishing them back to like-new condition.

How does Flawless Flooring maintain control over dust when working in homes?

High-performance dust collection systems are great for keeping sanding dust to a minimum. We take special care to protect all surfaces in your home from dust particles.

Are there any cost-effective options for restoring lost shine on my floors?

The brilliant luster of your wood floors can be revived by buffing out light scratches and scuffs with fine-grade sandpaper. Our in-house contractors will perform this service before re-coating the wood with two coats of a durable, high-performance finish.

If a section of my hardwood floors is too damaged for repair, do I have to repair my entire floor?

No, the damaged areas can be patched with new wood, then stained and finished to make the patch blend in as naturally as possible. If the damage is too extensive, we may recommend a full removal and replacement.

Can I see the product before purchasing?

Yes, you can view over 45 different styles of hardwood flooring in our hardwood boutique showroom located in New Berlin, WI.

Should I use water to clean my floors?

Use damp, not wet, material to clean your floors. Moisture can lead to changes in your floor, including cupping, buckling or cracking.

How do I handle stubborn stains on my hardwood floors?

Apply a manufacturer-recommended cleaner to a soft cloth and scrub the stained area. Repeat this process if necessary.

What can I do about floor beneath furniture that is lighter than exposed floor?

It's normal for exposed hardwood floors to darken over a period of time. To eliminate differences in tone, rotate rugs and furniture to allow an equal amount of sun exposure. Differences in light exposure will fade away eventually.

Can I install hardwood flooring in a bathroom?

We do not recommend installing hardwood floors in a bathroom. Moisture can cause damage to hardwood flooring. We recommend using tile flooring for bathrooms.

Can I install hardwood flooring in high traffic areas?

Yes, hardwood flooring can be installed in high traffic areas. However, we recommend placing mats at doorways and pivot points such as kitchen sinks and refrigerators.

Can I use a steam mop on my hardwood floor?

We do not recommend using a steam mop on your hardwood floors. Introducing heat and moisture may damage your floor.

How do I protect my hardwood floor from scratches?

Place floor protectors on the feet of furniture, area rugs in high traffic areas, and doormats by any doorways. Frequently sweep loose soil or debris to reduce scratches and wear.

Do I need to place padding beneath areas rugs on my hardwood flooring?

Use a non-staining rug or a mat made of breathable material on hardwood floors. This prevents moisture entrapment.

Can I install hardwood flooring if I have a dog or other pets?

You can install hardwood floors in a home with pets; however, the pet's claws may scratch the finish of the flooring. Keep your pet's claws trimmed and clean messes immediately.