Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation in Waukesha & Milwaukee

Luxury vinyl is not your parents' vinyl floors from the 80s. LVP is made out of quality materials that resembles natural hardwood flooring. LVP can mimic the aesthetic of hickory, oak, maple, beech or ash hardwood. LVP is one of the most popular flooring choices among young families and pet owners. LVP is a more versatile flooring product compared hardwood and laminate.

5 Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

  • LVP is waterproof
    1. Waterproof

    Long ago vinyl flooring was a low-end flooring material that didn’t hold up too well. Well that’s not the case anymore. Modern vinyl flooring is the most durable flooring option. LVP is 100% waterproof, making it a popular choice in bathrooms and kitchens too. LVP is also an ideal flooring choice in high-humidity areas like basements. It’s extremely mold resistant and perfect for our drastic Wisconsin weather changes.

  • LVP is durable
    2. Durability

    LVP floors are much more scratch-resistant than hardwood. It’s the perfect flooring for families with young children and pet owners. Sharp, heavy objects can still scratch the planks, but vinyl flooring is also a lot easier and less expensive to repair or replace. Most LVP flooring brands can last a good 20 years.

  • LVP is affordable
    3. Affordability

    LVP is more affordable by the square foot than solid wood, engineered wood, ceramic tiling and stone. Luxury vinyl plank will last longer too, which makes it more cost-effective for years to come. Since LVP can be installed directly over your existing floors, there is no extra charge needed to remove your old flooring.

  • LVP eco friendly
    4. Eco-Friendly

    Since LVP is a synthetic material, production does not require chopping down trees and forest like hardwood products. Luxury vinyl won’t have to be replaced for years, which substantially cuts back on raw materials in the long run. Many LVP brands also use recycled materials to create their products.

  • LVP design options
    5. Design Options

    One of the top benefits of LVP flooring are the customization options. The texture and color choices are practically endless, allowing you much more control over your home’s look and feel. Luxury vinyl makes it easy to mix-and-match flooring products. Personalize your kitchen with a distressed stone look while also choosing a more traditional aged hardwood aesthetic for your bedroom.

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LVP is becoming a popular flooring choice among young families and pet owners. LVP is made out of synthetic materials that resemble natural hardwood or tile flooring. LVP can mimic the aesthetic of hickory, oak, maple, beech, ash, ceramic tile, marble, slate, travertine or limestone flooring. Even the real textures and feelings are closely replicated. LVP is a more versatile flooring product compared to hardwood and laminate. LVP can match any home aesthetic or interior design.

LVP can also be installed directly over your existing wood or tile floors. Keeping the old hardwood or tile intact increases the property value of the home since the LVP can easily be removed if the future residents prefer the old hardwood or tile.

Purchase LVP flooring directly from us to avoid shipping costs and lower-quality planks. We carry industry-leading brands like Mannington, Provenza and Courtier. Our top sellers include:

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We carry industry-leading brands like Mannington, Paramount and Courtier. Our top sellers include:

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